Sarah’s Birthday

We had a rushed, but fun day on Saturday trying to hang out with friends for Sarah’s birthday. I had started making plans to surprise her a week or two before, but then she started inviting people to the Indians game, so we kind of had to meld the two sets of plans. Which resulted in many people being confused and not being able to show up on time. Sad face.

We went to The Ram with Andy, Linette, Shayne, Christie, and Jared, but we only had time for a quick beer and appetizers before we had to meet up with Sarah’s mom and brothers to go to the game. Andy and Linette came with, and Scott and Lisa showed up too, so that was fun. A couple more beers at the game, and then we tried to go to Alcatraz for an actual meal, but didn’t have time before going to Crackers, so once again we just had time for a quick beer. It’s kind of sad to have to try to make a meal out of comedy club food, but when you’ve had 4 beers and another one at the comedy club, it doesn’t really matter. Everybody else had to be up in the morning, so me and Sarah met up with Dave at Crackers. My phone was being all wonky and losing signal every 10 seconds, so I couldn’t get a hold of anybody else to go.

Crackers was a lot of fun. Last time, the openning act wasn’t very good, but this time both openning acts were really good. And then Chris Hardwick was the headliner. Hilarious. The best part was after the show, we stopped him to say hi has he was walking by, and he was actually really cool. Got to talk to him for a bit about nerdy stuff, so that was fun since he gets to play with all the stuff that I want to play with.

Just before we left, I got a picture with him.

This ranks right up there with meeting Kato Kaelin at Crackers in Broadripple at 8 in the morning.

That’s right Colbert. I’m stealing your picture pose.

Speaking of celebrities, I thought was interesting to hear that Brad Pitt is promoting Maybe Twitter isn’t so bad after all… Probably still won’t try it out any time soon though.


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